Australian Renewable Energy Resources – Vast Untapped Reserves


Australia is a vast land, the bulk of our population, mainly hugs the coastlines and major cities. Millions of square kilometres of uninhabited land, sprawls silently, from coast to coast. But this land is a sleeping giant. Beneath the surface of our deserts is a resource for renewable, clean energy, that has only recently been tapped and tested by a private company, “Geodynamics”, who have developed a very simple technology to tap the “Hot Rocks” that see the deep below the surface. Australia is a very ancient land mass but hidden in its depths, the deep, heated by pressure, rock layers, offer a brilliant free and clean solution to a renewable energy resource. Geodynamics has drilled into these layers of hot rocks and experimented with pouring water into them. The water seeps into the natural cracks and crevices is heated by the surrounding rocks and the steam is released to the surface via the drilled channels. The pressure of the steam released by large enough “chimneys” could be enough to soar thousands of metres into the sky. That is AWESOME power!The steam is piped to a nearby plant and drives turbines, thus creating electricity.


The vapour and water are returned and recycled back into the rocks, thus creating a completely closed, clean, nonpolluting, continuously self- generated system.

Sounds simple and it is. The problem with it is, it’s remoteness from the mass of the population and one of the reasons why the Government is baulking at the idea of funding this technology. This seems insane, considering the billions it pours into our fossil fuel, coal, uranium resources, Greenhouse Gas Emitting energy sources.

We have natural gas lines that span the continent to deliver energy to our population. Sure the installation of lines to carry the power from the desert to the sea, will cost a LOT of money, but once the infrastructure is in place and the power flowing into the grids, the only costs involved will be the maintenance of the plants and lines, the rest is free. And it is australian resource market energy.

Australia also has thousands of miles of uninhabited coastlines and regions of high wind areas, perfect for Wind Power turbines. Some companies are already installing and operating very efficiently, wind farms to add clean energy to our power grids. Currently, these turbines are having to be built in Europe and shipped to Australia. The engineering is borrowed, but we have our resources, science technology and will here, to manufacture the turbines. However, due again, to the lack of Government funding to establish the industry, the companies are forced to continue to import the turbines.

Australia’s surface is baked daily in natural solar heat and radiation. Again vast tracts of land lay dormant, perfect for the installation of photovoltaic farms. While perhaps, a little more expensive to manufacture and install, these photovoltaic farms, can be entirely produced and constructed on our soil. They are easy to operate and maintain. Again free, clean, nonpolluting, self-generating energy.

Why is it, that the Government continues to pour billions into the generation of fossil fuel developments?At any given time, at Newcastle, NSW, our major coal export port, up to, 70 huge tankers lay at anchor, for some, for a month, waiting to be filled. This costs millions of “dead” dollars. It simply does not make sense, either economic or environmentally, particularly considering the current state of the changing world Climate. Neither does the attitude of the Government continuing to ignore the prospects of what renewable energy resources can contribute to our power consumption, let alone towards a huge reduction in output of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, of which, Australia has amongst the highest in the world! It is also absorbing to note, that the Advisory Panel to the Government about future development of our energy resources, is almost entirely made up of fossil fuel producing companies.

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