Tips on Choosing and Registering a Domain Name

Tips on Choosing and Registering a Domain Name

If you are planning to open your own website, there are certain prerequisites which you need to fulfil before you get your own domain. You need to choose an address for your website and register it. You need to make sure that the address for your website is not registered under a company or business name as external link. It is important to check that it does not go against or be in conflict with any other registered trademark external link or pending ones.

Before you register your website, make sure that you are eligible for registering it as an external link. You will also need the help of a web hosting service once you are done with your registering as they will help you get your website viewed online through the servers.

What is a web address and domain name?

Whenever anyone needs to find your website, they need to put in or type your website’s address into the browser. The browsers can be any, like the Google Chrome or the Mozilla Firefox or any other application which your mobile phones has for browsing, if you are using your mobile phone for browsing. Search engines like, Bing and Google, can also be used for doing the same.

Web address will have the unique IP address or name which is usually called URL and is an abbreviated version of Uniform Resource Locator. The web address is also used for setting up an email address.

How to choose the right web address?

The best way to choose a perfect web address is to have a web address which has the name of the business in it. It should be easy to type and spell and even pronounce. It is better to have a three syllables name or less. Use alliterative for such web address as it is easy to remember. The best web address will be available for registration through social media too. Most people think that the best web address is the one which is most searched online or which comes first in the Google ranking. Some people think that the best web address is the one which is unique and stands out among its competitors in web traffic.

How to integrate with Social Media?

Social media is a very important marketing tool these days and having a name which is available in popular social media forums or platforms, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., is a very good idea. It is an ideal marketing plan and one should use it for their business online in order to reach their customers through these social media platforms.

It is important to find out if your chosen web address is available for registering or not. If you have hired the services of a third party for such registration work, make sure that the domain name is registered in the name of your business entity.

Registration of web address

You can register your web address to any one of the accredited registration organisations which are authorised by AUDA for registration, renewal and making changes in record of web addresses.

Choose a web address which is easy to remember and reflects your business name, and then you should get it registered. Choose a web host for your web address viewing through the internet and get started.

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