Trying To Find New Car Wheels Online? Read This Post


When it comes to Australia’s best online wheel providers, what you pay for is often what you get and that is the perception. The implication being that the more you’re able or willing to spend on tyres that are new, the safer you will be on the road and the better quality you will get. So, are the more expensive tyre brands the best bet? Well, ratings suggest there is truth to this theory, with Aussie motorists rating Pirelli the highest overall. Known as the best for high-end sports cars, the brand is also a winner on the Australia streets, recording highly rated reviews for overall satisfaction, stopping ability, wet and dry weather handling. Also, it scored good ratings in regards to value for money and tyre life – resulting in an assessment overall of Pirelli tyres.

From last year, Pirelli is now the highest-rated brand, adding support to the point about premium tyres. Not everyone would be inclined or can afford, to pay a big amount for new tyres. Fortunately, cheaper brands are also reflected well by the ratings, so there is a lot to consider whatever your preferences and budget may be. Pirelli, Premier Italian brand, is known for sponsorship of various motorsports events and its racing pedigree.

The tyres are indeed synchronized with performance. This is obviously the reason why, in all performance aspects, it earned five stars. Performance clearly is very costly, however, with its heavily priced car tyres costing over $1,500 each! The prices are set for the most unwavering driver on the track, and are available in 20-inch diameters and over. Which is suspected would suit the daily driver, the more consumer-friendly tyres can be purchased from about $100 each. No matter the price range of the client, expect model names that are exciting like Scorpion’ and Cinturato.’

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